Bastien Perroy

  • French graduate in combined honours @ Sciences Po Lyon and EM Lyon Business School with merits. Former Chief of Staff to IBM France deputy CEO (sales). I present here my media and art projects. I’m passionate about research in cognitive science as I’m currently studying within Jean-Nicod Institute (UMR 8129, CNRS) for a Master of Philosophy of Language & Mind at ENS Ulm (Département d’Etudes Cognitives) and EHESS. Value proposition through creative and rigorous narrations. Fields of interest include AI, organisational governance, and intercultural perspectives. Drop me a line at bastien[at] and subscribe to my newsletter. Make yourself at home.

  • Most contents in French, some in English. All pictures mine (here are the Scottish Cairngorns during a winterish road-trip by the way).

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Check out my last project here! It’s a worldwide serie of interviews in French.


An excerpt from my art projects

Some platforms I’m involved in

  • Beyeah has been my first media family and keep being a place I cherish for my friends there and the oppenness to experimentations. It’s a French cultural webzine about music and night-cultures as well as a succesfull talent agency. Here are all my published articles for this platform. I discovered my passion for travels and interviews being an autonomous intern for them.
  • Nothing But Hope And Passion is a Berlin-based English webzine with an international pool of writers and editors. It’s a structure that holds strong values and doesn’t hesitate to promote newcomers or smaller acts. I do very different things for them – album reviews, curation, reports – but here is one of my favourite work for them while I was an intern.